Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Signature Diamante Massage Sampler

If you’re having a hard time deciding which of our many massages is right for you, maybe you don’t need to choose at all! We’ve combined four massage modalities into one signature 50-minute treatment. You’ll get to enjoy the relaxing benefits of classic Swedish, the soothing warmth of Hot Lava Rock, exotic Bamboo and foot Reflexology. Don’t worry if you think the stones may be too hot. Your therapist will cool them down in a bowl of cold water to an appropriate temperature before using them on your skin. Our Signature Sampler is an exceptional value. It saves you over $300 versus trying each massage individually. Plus you’re sure to pick a favorite!

Guest feedback: The Massage Sampler is amazing! My favorite part: hot rocks are so relaxing, and I love the cooling sensation of the bamboo. I felt very energized after….Natalie Nudo, Fort Lauderdale

~ Fifty minutes $135 –
Enhance your pampering experience by including our triple-action Pineapple Enzyme Back Exfoliation. Our handmade mixture includes naturally-occuring enzyme to “digest” dead skin cells and jojoba beads, which is applied with a dry brush, providing maximum dead skin removal. Your skin will be left its softest! The mixture is allowed to sit for a few minutes while your therapist continues the massage. Removed with heated towels. Popular with ladies and gentlemen. Safe for sensitive skin. Only $15 more.