Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Kathy Keating-Kay, LMT, Healing Arts Therapist

With over 2 decades of multi-faceted healing arts experience, Kathy brings her skills and talents as a
Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and self-help instructor, an AromaTouch Technique clinician and Life Mastery
student and teacher. She unites these techniques and experiences using her intuitive insights for each
individual. Kathy includes the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level for a more complete healing process.
Benefits of all these Gentle Energy Touch Therapies:
~ stress reduction
~ immune enhancement
~ rejuvenation
~ inflammatory response reduction
~ balance
Kathy is certified in AromaTouch Technique. This is a unique clinical approach to applying certified pure
therapeutic grade essential oils topically to the back, scalp and feet to produce a whole-body experience.
Kathy will be giving educational classes on:
~ doTerra Reinvents Healthcare
~ Medicine Cabinet Make Over
~ My Chemistry Made Me Do It!
~ AromaTouch Technique classes
As these classes become available, Diamante will announce them in advance. The first will be “Medicine Cabinet Makeover” on July 18 at 6:00pm.