Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Spray Tanning

img_vanit_airbrushStay Tan all year round with Organic AirBrush Tanning!
~ A revolutionary new tanning system that we are thrilled to extend open invitation to experience ~ Better than traditional Spray Tanning with no offensive odor.
– Liquid Sun bronzing mist
– Natural & Organic
– Petro-Chemical Free
– Hydrating
– Skin Firming
– Rich Bronze Color
– Contour Muscles
– Slender & Sleeker Body
Prevention is key
Excess sun exposure and tanning beds produce dangerous and negative side effects.
– Premature aging
– Loss of elasticity
– Sun spots /age spots, hyper-pigmentation & vitiligo
– Dehydration & dryness
– Skin cancer
Begin making the change for better skin and better health through a proper skin care regime and an all natural and organic spray tanning system.
Beautiful Color & Contouring Effect
You can achieve the beautiful, vibrant, bronzy goddess look with an even skin tone, while lessening the visibility of sun spots.
Not just for the ladies… Guys you’ll love this too!
Longer Lasting & Better Tan
We first recommend an exfoliating body polish to eliminate the dead skin cells and to allow for the solution to penetrate newer skin layers ensuring a longer lasting experience!
Choose from one our most fabulous signature rain room exfoliating treatments such as our famed “Thai warm Coconut milk” or “Cocoa Berry Bliss” amongst others. Or a mini rain room experience offering an “Express Polish” if your not wanting to fully indulge in an outer body polishing experience. Click here for more “Body Esthetics” info.
For Your face, a “Organic Zen Harmony Facial” with a Luscious berry peel or add a deeper ionic acid peel. Or a “Fountain of Youth” beyond ‘microdermabrasian’ deep electro- current micro-derm. Then spray away!!!
Organic AirBrush Tanning
– Single Session: $59
– Pre-Purchase 6 for $235 ($39 each)
– or 10 for $300 ($30 each)