Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale


  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

    fort-lauderdale-couples-massageWarmed Himalayan Salt stones infuse muscles with soothing heat to allow deeper relaxation. The salt is mined from the purest source on Earth with no impurities and containing 84 trace minerals for optimal health. You’ll receive the sensation of hot stone, while the salt gently exfoliates leaving your skin glowing and soft. Priced at an attractive value, it’s like getting two treatments in one.
    Fifty minutes………$135

  • Bamboo Ritual Massage

    Your service begins with a relaxing soak in our Zen bath Jacuzzi. You will then be entranced by a 75-80 minute massage incorporating warmed bamboo sticks. Tension is rolled out of muscle tissue, allowing body and mind to achieve tranquility. Pressure can be moderated from very gentle to intensely deep. Massage includes foot reflexology and a back exfoliation using pineapple enzymes and Jojobo beads with a dry brush for maximum dead skin removal. Warm towels remove all exfoliant. Your skin will be soft and silky. At the conclusion, your senses will be awakened with a gentle bamboo whisking and a ringing of tinchas. Then sit in our Zen lounge and be served hot organic herbal tea.
    Allow 2 hours…………………$235

  • Signature Diamante Massage Sampler

    If you’re having a hard time deciding which of our many massages is right for you, maybe you don’t need to choose at all! We’ve combined four massage modalities into one signature 50-minute treatment. You’ll get to enjoy the relaxing benefits of classic Swedish, the soothing warmth of Hot Lava Rock, exotic Bamboo and foot Reflexology. Don’t worry if you think the stones may be too hot. Your therapist will cool them down in a bowl of cold water to an appropriate temperature before using them on your skin. Our Signature Sampler is an exceptional value. It saves you over $300 versus trying each massage individually. Plus you’re sure to pick a favorite!

    Guest feedback: The Massage Sampler is amazing! My favorite part: hot rocks are so relaxing, and I love the cooling sensation of the bamboo. I felt very energized after….Natalie Nudo, Fort Lauderdale

    ~ Fifty minutes $135 –
    Enhance your pampering experience by including our triple-action Pineapple Enzyme Back Exfoliation. Our handmade mixture includes naturally-occuring enzyme to “digest” dead skin cells and jojoba beads, which is applied with a dry brush, providing maximum dead skin removal. Your skin will be left its softest! The mixture is allowed to sit for a few minutes while your therapist continues the massage. Removed with heated towels. Popular with ladies and gentlemen. Safe for sensitive skin. Only $15 more.

  • Lava Hot Rock Massage

    A calming combination of therapeutic and Swedish along with volcanic hot rocks are utilized to massage your muscles. The aromatic liniments combined with the warmth of the stones melt away the tightness held in your muscles and fascia. You become deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.
    Fifty minutes – $110
    Eighty minutes – $135
    One hundred and ten minutes – $220

  • Aromatic Swedish Massage

    This traditional massage incorporates relaxing aromatherapy using our signature blend of essential oils. The light to medium pressure of the Swedish will ease tired, aching muscles while improving circulation and promoting healing as it eliminates stress. From head to toe, your body will experience total rejuvenation!
    Twenty five minutes – $50
    Forty minutes – $65
    Fifty minutes – $85
    Eighty minutes – $125
    One-hundred and Ten minutes- $170

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    This deep pressure massage is ideal for days when you need an extra-firm healing touch. The more intense pressure chases away all of your tension spots, going deeper into your muscle tissue than the Signature Swedish massage. More then a relaxation treat, the “deep” is recommended to loosen muscles, release toxins and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.
    Twenty five minutes – $60
    Forty minutes – $75
    Fifty minutes – $95
    Eighty minutes – $135
    One-hundred and Ten minutes- $190

  • Couples Massage

    fort-lauderdale-couples-massageYou will both begin with a soak in our oxygenated Jacuzzi bath, then be accompanied to your private couples massage room where you will find soft music, and candlelight. The couples massage is a wonderful way to both breathe, relax and let go together.

    Priced per person based on massage modality choices
    Durations available:
    Forty minutes (ie both Swedish…$130/couple, both Deep Tissue…$150/couple)
    Fifty minutes (ie both Swedish…$170/couple, both Deep Tissue…$190/couple)
    Eighty minutes (ie both Swedish…$250/couple, both Deep Tissue…$270/couple)
    One-hundred ten minutes (ie both Swedish…$340/couple, both Deep Tissue…$360/couple)

  • Therapeutic or Neuromuscular Massage

    The Therapeutic & Neuromuscular technique is primarily used for individuals with acute muscle spasm and injury. This advanced technique is used as a form of correctional bodywork, and usually concentrates on a specific area rather than an overall full body treatment.
    Our spa therapists are trained and experienced in many techniques for work related injuries, auto accidents and sports, from general to very acute conditions. Depending on your needs, your therapist may suggest several sessions, as well as a therapeutic exercise program for best recovery.
    Neuromuscular Therapy may also be incorporated into a lengthier full body massage combining other modalities. A minimum of one hour is recommended for best results.
    Fifty minutes – $95
    Eighty minutes – $145
    One-hundred and ten minutes – $190

  • Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

    Your session will begin with a placement of hot volcanic stones along your back on pressure points on either side of the spine, along the torso on the chakra energy centers, and in between your toes. Your therapist will then begin with a warm aromatic massage oil, warming up the body, and massaging the muscles with the therapeutic hot stones. As your muscles are worked your body begins to melt into total relaxation, and your mind clears and rejuvenates- a feeling of blissful euphoria transforming your entire being.
    Eighty minutes – $150

  • Pregnancy Massage

    A wonderful and relaxing massage is a great way to pamper our expecting mothers. Special pre-natal and post-natal techniques can help the experience of your birthing process be much less stressful. Check with your doctor, not recommended during the first trimester.
    Fifty minutes – $95

  • Sports Massage

    Addressing injuries and conditions that result from over exertion and exercise. Strengthens the muscles, relieves fatigue, muscle and joint pain, lactic acid build up, sprains, strains and increases flexibility and endurance for athletic competition.
    Fifty minutes – $95
    One Hundred and ten minutes – $190

  • Four-Handed Swedish Massage

    fort-lauderdale-massage-four-handedThis therapeutic session is truly unique, offered by two advanced massage therapists working simultaneously to create a rhythmic dance of four hands working into the muscle tissues, melting away stress and tension. The four handed massage is the most invigorating massage dually focusing on the entire body to eliminate fatigue.
    Fifty minutes $170

  • Zen Zwe

    fort-lauderdale-massage-zen-zweDeeply inducing relaxation, a combination of Thai stretching, Thai / Acupressure, Myofacia & Swedish massage on the table. Melting the tensions away with an aromatherapy pressure point facial massage and foot reflexology.
    Eighty minutes – $170

  • Thai Massage

    fort-lauderdale-thai-massageThis is a powerful healing technique dating back 2,500 years to the time of the Buddha. Thai Massage utilizes yoga stretching, acupressure, and meditating techniques which intensify the healing process. It relaxes the muscles, loosens the joints, opens the channels and balances the internal energy. It also stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage, and toxin release from the body. This unique treatment, experienced on a soft floor mat while fully clothed, will leave you invigorated and balanced.
    Fifty minutes – $100
    Eighty minutes – $150
    One Hundred and ten minutes – $200

  • Myofascial Massage - Structural Integration

    fort-lauderdale-myofascial-massageFocusing on the Fascia, the outer tissue of the muscle, this massage is based on the technique ‘Rolfing’ created by Ida Rolf. Myofascial is an advanced treatment focusing on re-aligning the structural body. Helps to eliminate pain, assists in rapid recovery of injury, promotes muscle growth, strengthens postural alignment. Myofascial is the most effective massage to relax and loosen muscles, relieve tension, increase flexibility and range of motion immediately and with long lasting results.
    Eighty minutes – $150

  • Yoga Nidra Massage

    Life altering techniques of The Power of “Now”, and “The Secret” combined in a meditation massage experience. Focus is on the release of stress and tension in your life, and setting an intention for your ultimate outcome. Deep rythmatic aromatherapy massage relaxes your body as your mind is soothed with calming meditative suggestions. Energetic Body work and breathing techniques allow you to stay present, dropping out of thinking and into feeling. Erasing karmic patterns and emotional blocks in the body where tension was held. The outcome is a peaceful feeling and a sence of freedom allowing you to reclaim your power.
    Fifty minutes – $125
    Eighty minutes – $187

  • Acupressure & Shiatzu

    fort-lauderdale-shiatzu-massageTwo ancient Oriental treatments based on the study of Acupuncture. The therapist applies pressure to the acupuncture points along the meridians/channels (energy pathways) of the body to restore the flow of energy and promote healing. A very rejuvenating experience! Pressure can vary from medium to deep For optimum results, we recommend scheduling at least one hour and thirty minutes to two hours.
    Fifty minutes – $125
    Eighty minutes – $187
    One Hundred and ten minutes – $200

  • Liquid Acupuncture

    fort-lauderdale-massage-liquid-acupunctureWritten up as “Top 10 Best Treatments” in the country by Spa Finders Magazine.
    A Diamante’ signature acupressure treatment, combined with the art of aromatherapy. Essential Oils are administered to help address specific conditions emotionally and physically. May also relieve symptoms of colds, flu, pms, chronic fatigue, ms, fibromyalgia, indigestion, constipation, congestion, inflammation, spinal misalignment, candida, epstein bar, etc. This session rapidly intensifies the healing process.
    Fifty minutes – $125
    Eighty minutes – $185
    One hundred and ten minutes – $250

  • Reflexology

    fort-lauderdale-reflexologyPressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet and hands which correspond to organ systems of the body, aiding in the release of blocked energy, allowing the energy to flow freely and promoting healing. Our reflexologists are trained to find blockages that show up in the reflex points, to assist your body in removing the waste crystallization deposits, promoting better health and balance.
    Twenty five minutes – $55
    Fifty minutes – $100

  • Bamboo Fusion Massage

    bamboo massage fort lauderdaleWarm bamboo work the muscles releasing deep tensions with hot bamboo teak oils.
    Combining pressure point, massage and bamboo manipulation for ultimate relaxation.
    This exotic massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being for longer lasting results.
    Allow 75 minutes $150

  • CTM ~ Connective Tissue Medical Massage

    fort-lauderdale-medical-massageA very deep pressure structural realignment massage. Works to restore length, improving range and flexibility throughout the muscular system. Increases vitality, eases discomforts bringing greater health with longer lasting results. Incorporates essential oils for longer lasting results.
    Cheri Negrotto LMT is a certified CTM, Lymphatic Drainage and Thai Massage Therapist
    Allow Eighty Minutes $150