Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Day Spa Services

Body Wraps & Polishing

  • Mimosa Blossom Body Polishing

    Our signature mixture of sea salt & cactus nectar begins your blissful exfoliation as you are massaged with natural sea scissile. A rain waterfall blissfully washes and massages your entire body. Organic aromatic oils, fructose and sacred ingredients are then massaged into your skin to complete this wonderful experience leaving your skin silky smooth, healthy and radiantly glowing.
    Allow fifty minutes $95

  • Thai Coconut Body Polishing

    Warm Thai Coconut milk is generously poured over your body melting away stress as you are massaged with a decadent mixture of sea salts, fructose & coconut while showed with tantalizing rains. As you close your eyes you’ll be carried to far tropical lands, and your body relaxed, hydrated and nourished.
    Allow fifty minutes $95

  • Orange Blossom Body Bliss

    Fort Lauderdale Orange Blossom MassageAn exotic signature mixture of sweet orange essential oils, salt & fruit sugar, hot milk & honey exfoliate, detoxify and heal as your skin is beautified and your body & mind are refreshed. The meditative waterfall of rain showers your entire body as you let go of all your cares and worries. Ahhhh
    Allow fifty minutes $95

  • Orange Blossom Wrapsody

    fort lauderdale orange blossom massageThe exotic compliment to the Orange Blossom Body Bliss. Your body is frosted with this hot yummy silky potion and once applied, you will have the experience of the alpha spa capsule, lying in a comfortably enclosed heated pod massaging your body while you experience a mist of aromatic essential oils, a scalp massage and then a deep relaxation meditation session. Moisturizing, nourishing and balancing your skin, while bringing peace and well being to your senses.
    Allow fifty minutes $85

  • The Blossom Body Facial

    fort lauderdale orange blossom massageIndulge your body in the experience of exfoliation and body wrap with the combination of the Orange Blossom Body Bliss & Orange Blossom Wrapsody. Renew then refresh with these two tantilizing treatments!
    Allow one hundred minutes $175

  • Glycolic Body Dermabrasion

    Fort Lauderdale Glycolic Body DermabrasionOur signature mixture of sea salt & cactus nectar begins your blissful exfoliation as you are massaged with natural sea scissile. A rain waterfall blissfully washes and massages your entire body. Glycolic acid, aromatic oils and fructose are then massaged into your skin to complete this wonderful experience leaving your skin silky smooth, healthy and radiantly glowing. Beneficial for weathered, sun damaged and extremely dehydrated skin.
    Allow fifty minutes $150

  • The White Pearl

    fort lauderdale white pearl massageLike a pearl in an oyster, you shall be! Pure White Sea clay is applied to your gently brushed skin to exfoliate, detoxify, mineralize and nourish your whole body, So pure and natural. Soft meditative tones induce deep relaxation with the assistance of pure infused essential oils, while you melt away within the shell of a heated pod, massaging your body.
    Allow fifty minutes $110

  • Aphrodite's Secret

    fort lauderdale volcanic mud massageHot Volcanic mud covers your body while snuggly wrapped in Egyptian style cloth. The mineral rich volcanic mud actually dehydrates the fat cells and has a shrinking effect on the tissue, diminishing cellulite, stimulating lymphatic drainage and toning the body. Wear your tight jeans and feel the difference.
    Allow seventy five Minutes $135

  • Pure Essence Wrapsody

    fort lauderdale aromatherapy-massageBring back the Pure Essence of your system with the optimal renewal body treatment created to stimulated circulation, promote detoxification and improve lymphatic circulation. Our unique blend of exotic essential oils are applied to your body while lying comfortably enclosed in our heated pod. The Pure Essence Wrapsody includes aromatherapy, a scalp massage and then a deep relaxation meditation session.
    Allow fifty minutes $95

  • Alpha Restoration

    fort lauderdale alpha-spa-capsuleExperience a relaxing Restorative Alpha Spa Capsule experience of vibration massage, a full customized aromatherapy inhalation, deep relaxing meditation and an ionic cleanse sauna detoxifying body treatment all in one! The program can be set specifically to your needs for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, smoking cessation and more.
    Extremely beneficial to add to a lymphatic drainage for optimal results. All Diamante’s signature body wraps are also offered in the Alpha spa capsule.
    Allow forty-five Minutes – $65


Hair Styling

  • Designer Hair Cuts & Styling for Men & Women

    Zen designer cut session includes an individualized consultation on your new style, relaxing scalp massage, shampoo, condition, precision hair cut, blow-dry & style. Our Aromatherapy concept hair studio sets a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere using a selection of products based on harmony and balance, supporting the environment, and promoting health and beauty! Complimentary follow up bang trim is included.
    Men – Starting at $30
    Women – Starting at $60
    Shampoo & Style only – Starting at $40
    Formal Up-Dos: Semi up – Starting at $50
    Full up-do – Starting at $85
    Add ons; Hair piece, extensions & accessories price may vary, quotes may only be given in person by stylist.
    Neuma Moisture Intensive Masque
    Ask your stylist if your hair needs deep moisturizing. Add to a wash: $12-$25 depending on hair length and thickness.

    Neuma Revitalizing Masque
    Ask your stylist if your hair needs smoothing. Add to a wash: $12-$25 depending on hair length and thickness.

  • Essence of Color

    Rates are based on beginning quotes, individual consultation may be necessary.
    Single Process Color $57
    Double Process Color $87
    Full Foil Hi-lighting $120
    Partial Foil Hi-lighting $75
    *If you would like for us to use an alternative color line, please feel free to request your preference to our color specialists.
    All salon prices may vary depending on length

  • Keratin Complex

    fort lauderdale keratin complexWhat is Keratin Complex?
    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by COPPOLA offers the ultimate treatment for more manageable, Softer, Smoother and shinier hair ever! This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.
    Client testimonials refer to Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy as “life changing.” It rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel that everyone raves about.
    The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair:
    Smoother and Silkier
    Straighter and Shinier
    Easier and Faster to blow-dry
    Close to being “maintenance-free”
    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy encases the hair follicle with a keratinous bond to:
    Promote Healing.
    Block the effects of humidity.
    Prevent environmental toxins from entering the hair.
    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by COPPOLA is formaldehyde free and gentle enough to use on all hair types: color treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted hair. It actually helps repair damage from over processing.
    SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION & SAVE $50 on Keratin Complex Hair Therapy (regularly priced at $300-$550). Valid for first time salon service only. Prices vary depending on length of hair.
    K.C.S.T. by Coppola is a high end keratin with a high percentage of pure keratin complex and no formaldehyde. The product cost is much more than its competitors because it delivers the finest results.The more you treat, the better the condition of your hair. Extremely beneficial for color treated hair. Beware of cheap keratins with high formaldehyde levels that will in the long run damage your hair permanently. Diamante` researches the market to offer only the best in the industry for your absolute satisfaction.

  • Keratin Complex Brazilian Style

    fort lauderdale keratin complexOne hour service that reduces frizz,curl,and styling time for up to 6 weeks! With a unique formulation utilizing Trionic Keratin Protein and a Co-Polymer delivery system,Keratin Complex Express Blow Out infuses the highest quality keratin in the shortest amount of time.
    Same day wash out (as soon as 8 hours)
    Resulting in smoother,silkier,more manageable hair
    Price varies depending on hair length $110-$200

  • Other Salon Essentials

    An essential element to revitalizing your hair! This treatment is a thorough deep conditioning, hot aromatherapy hair treatment as the scalp is massaged to stimulate circulation and help de-stress. This treatment is traditionally combined with the shampoo, blow-dry & style.
    Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Treatment $30
    Intense Thermal Conditioning $30
    Add-on Deep Conditioning $10

  • Hair Extensions

    We specialize in the MicroLink process, which attaches the hair without a polymer process so that the extensions may be reused. The natural hair selection offered to our clients is 100% human hair and guarenteed tangle free for up to three months. This exclusive technique is the newest and most reliable option in the art of hair extension. Individually priced upon consultation.

  • Gorgeous Feather Hair Extensions

    fort lauderdale hair feathersThe new look of 2011-2012! Original Feather Extensions.
    Our picks of the very ‘Best’ Quality, Selection, Color & Lengths in Singles, clusters, rooster and more.
    Easy and quick application. Lasts up to 4 months with proper care. Smooth hair may need to be replaced more often. Easy extraction and replacement. Pricing varies on what you select and create in our studio and will be quoted accordingly at time of service.
    Feathers & Application starting at $15


    MOROCCANOIL® Intense Hydrating Mask is a high performance product that repairs damaged and dry hair. This service is designed to make hair soft and manageable.
    Melt away the tension and enjoy a complimentary head massage with Healthy Hydrating Treatment. This relaxing and therapeutic ten minute treatment can be added to any signature hairstyle or color service.
    PROTOCOL – Service Cocktail:
    MOROCCANOIL® Intense Hydrating Mask is infused with argan oil helping prevent hair from environmental stresses and restores dry and damaged hair to restore shine and manageability
    MOROCCANOIL® Treatment is rich in anti-oxidants and applied to damp hair to seal in moisture, resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without leaving a residue
    Moroccan Oil Shampoo, Hydrating or Restorative Mask, Blow out & Style $85
    ~ Add-on Moroccan Mask to lock in your color $30-$45

  • Foil Highlighting

    Foil highlighting is the process of using foil to separate strands of hair which will be lightened from strands of hair which will remain its natural color. The process is done by applying lightener to the hair that has been woven and separated using an applicator brush. The foil is then folded to protect the hair and surrounding area during the “processing” time. This is the amount of time required to achieve the desired results.
    Full Foil Hi-lighting $120
    Partial Foil Hi-lighting $75


Day Spa Packages

  • Yin & Yang

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath

    Side by Side Couples Massage for 2
    Swedish – $170
    Deep Tissue – $190
    Allow one hour thirty minutes.
    Neuromuscular Therapy may also be incorporated into a lengthier full body massage combining other modalities. A minimum of one hour is recommended for best results.
    Fifty minutes – $95
    Eighty minutes – $135
    One-hundred and ten minutes – $190 Fifty minutes – $95
    Eighty minutes – $135
    One-hundred and ten minutes – $190

  • Shiva & Shakti

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Couples One Hour side-by-side Swedish Massage
    – Couples Relaxing Balance Facial
    2 hour 30 min. ……………$360

  • Zen Spa Day

    ft lauderdale day spa deals
    – Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Thirty Minute Swedish Massage
    – Tranquility Facial
    – Bliss Manicure
    2 Hours ……………………$140

  • Ananda

    ft lauderdale day spa deals
    – Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – One Hour Swedish Massage
    – Tranquility Facial
    – Bliss Manicure
    2 Hours 45 Min. ……………$175

  • Sitari

    ft lauderdale day spa deals
    – Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – 45-Minute Swedish Massage
    – Essential Element Facial
    – Bliss Manicure & Pedicure
    3 Hours 30 Min. ……………$195

  • Bodhi Enlightening

    ft lauderdale day spa deals– Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Mimosa Blossom Body Polish
    – 30 Minute Swedish Massage
    – Asian Plum Pedicure
    3 Hours ……………………$185

  • Amrita Divine Body

    ft lauderdale day spa deals– Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – One Hour Swedish Massage
    – Cocoa Berry Bliss Body Polish
    – Alpha Restoration Treatment
    2 Hours & 45 Minutes ……$230

  • Sweet Buddha

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – One Hour Swedish Massage
    – Relaxing Balance Facial (Euro Aromatic)
    – Bliss Manicure & Pedicure
    4 Hours ……………………$240

  • Shanti Goddess Peace

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Bliss Manicure & Pedicure
    – Ladies Haircut & Style
    – Cluster Eye Lash application
    – Jane Iredale Make Up application
    4 Hours ……………………$255

  • Lotus Purity & Perfection

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Thai Coconut Body Polish
    – Asian Bliss Facial
    – Crystal Healing Citrus Pedicure
    4 Hours ……………………$335

  • Nirvana State of Bliss

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Orange Blossom Body Bliss
    – Orange Blossom Wrapsody
    – One Hour Therapeutic Massage
    – Organic Zen Harmony Facial
    – Green Tea & Saki Pedicure
    6 Hours ……………………$475

  • Samadhi Divine Integration

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Chakra Alignment
    – Tibetan Reflexology
    – Organic Zen Harmony Facial
    – Crystal Healing Citrus Bliss Pedicure
    5 Hours ……………………$440

  • Akasha One's Inner Consciousness

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Chakra Alignment
    – Tibetan Reflexology
    – Mimosa Blossom Body Polish
    – The White Pearl Detoxify Body Wrap
    – Hot Stone Massage
    – Bliss Pedicure
    6 Hours & 30 Min. …………$557

  • Prana Energy & Vitality

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – Pure Essence Wrapsody
    – Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    – Including Tibetan Reflexology
    4 Hours ………………………$280

  • Bahkti Love & Devotion

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    – Oxygenating Zen Bath
    – One Hour Swedish Massage
    – Heavenly Signature Hot Stone Facial
    – Signature Angelic Attunement Session
    5 Hours ………………………$470

  • Life Style & Energy Balancing

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    Permanent Slimming & Toning Wellness Program to Increase your energy level, mental focus, physical tonification, weight management and optimal health.
    This intensive program integrates;
    – Trim & Tone ~ Power Plate Fitness: 6 sessions
    – Vedic Thai~Yoga Bodywork 1-(120 minutes)
    – Lymphatic Drainage 1-(60 minutes)
    – Aphrodite’s Secret BodyWrap with Alpha Spa Capsule: 6 sessions
    Complete $1635

  • Spa Melt 1

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    ‘Three’ one hour Lymphatic Drainage massages, slimming Body wrap & Alpha Spa Capsule Intensive treatments (1 per week)
    with ‘one’ Expresso, Cacao & Coconut Body Exfoliation
    (This will prepare your skin and allow product to be readily absorbed prior to the above weekly regime.)
    package price; $720

  • Spa Melt 2

    ft lauderdale day spa deals

    “Four 90 minute Clinical Aromatherapy lymphatic Drainage sessions” and “four Aphrodite’s Secret volcanic slimming wraps in the Alpha Spa Capsule for weight loss & Slimming with ‘one’ Expresso, Cacao & Coconut Body Exfoliation (complimentary with pre-paid package)
    package price; $1208
    *May purchase multiple packages for additional session or additional weeks of treatment.



  • Relaxing Balance (European Aromatic)

    ft lauderdale facialA simple yet profound facial treatment including a relaxing and balancing steam cleansing with the Clarisonic brush, gentle exfoliation, light extractions, purifying mask, facial and hand massage, essential balancing toner and rich moisture.
    Allow fifty minutes – $85

  • Essential Element

    ft lauderdale facialA mini facial treatment geared to our spa guests who simply prefer relaxation and clean skin more so than results. A relaxing steam cleanse, balance/tone, aromatic massage and essential moisture.
    Allow thirty minutes – $65


Manicures & Pedicures

  • Shellac and Better than Polish Gel application

    No chips, nick or smudges. Easy removal. 14 day wear, zero dry time, mirror finish.
    Fingers: Color $45 French $50
    Toes: Color $50 French $60

  • Bliss Manicure & Pedicure

    A healing soak and essential nail & cuticle maintenance is done during this traditional spa manicure & pedicure complimented an aromatic sea salt polishing scrub, therapeautic massage and completed by your choice of polish. Customizable for both women & men.
    Twenty five minute Manicure $25
    Fifty minute Pedicure $45

  • Revitalizing Hand & Foot Treatment

    Aromatic Sea Salt Polishing Scrub to eliminate dead, dry skin and calluses. Melting away stress with a hot paraffin wax treatment, leaving your hands and feet feeling so soft! Complemented by a pampering therapeutic leg, foot, hand, arm, neck and shoulder massage, with pure aromatic essential oils. More than just an ordinary manicure and pedicure, this is a ultimately relaxing and pampering signature spa session. Complimented by your choice of polish. Cuztomizable for both women & men.
    Fifty Minute Hands $40
    Eight Minute Feet $60

  • Green Tea & Sake Pedicure

    Immerse your feet in rich Anti-oxidents that are uplifting and detoxifying. Our Green Tea Soak cleanses, detoxifies, softens and brightens feet. Combined with the aromatic Lemongrass & Sake Seaweed scrub complimented by silkening hydrating therapy moisturizer and soothing polish tones of your choice. It is a most invigorating wake-up call for tired feet!
    Fifty Minutes – $65

  • Asian Plum Pedicure

    Pamper your feet by relaxing them in a sweet Asian plum sugar soak and skin softening scrub finished with a hydrating therapy moisturizer and soothing polish tones of your choice.
    Fifty Minutes – $50

  • Expresso Coconut-Cacao Hot Lava Rock Pedicure

    A signature foot treatment geared to relax your tired legs and feet with a custom blend aromatic exfoliating scrub, hot lava rock massage and a hot paraffin wax treatment. Non toxic polish color of choice.
    A beyond blissful spa experience unlike any other pedicure you’ve ever had!
    Fifty Minutes – $75



  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

    fort-lauderdale-couples-massageWarmed Himalayan Salt stones infuse muscles with soothing heat to allow deeper relaxation. The salt is mined from the purest source on Earth with no impurities and containing 84 trace minerals for optimal health. You’ll receive the sensation of hot stone, while the salt gently exfoliates leaving your skin glowing and soft. Priced at an attractive value, it’s like getting two treatments in one.
    Fifty minutes………$135

  • Bamboo Ritual Massage

    Your service begins with a relaxing soak in our Zen bath Jacuzzi. You will then be entranced by a 75-80 minute massage incorporating warmed bamboo sticks. Tension is rolled out of muscle tissue, allowing body and mind to achieve tranquility. Pressure can be moderated from very gentle to intensely deep. Massage includes foot reflexology and a back exfoliation using pineapple enzymes and Jojobo beads with a dry brush for maximum dead skin removal. Warm towels remove all exfoliant. Your skin will be soft and silky. At the conclusion, your senses will be awakened with a gentle bamboo whisking and a ringing of tinchas. Then sit in our Zen lounge and be served hot organic herbal tea.
    Allow 2 hours…………………$235

  • Signature Diamante Massage Sampler

    If you’re having a hard time deciding which of our many massages is right for you, maybe you don’t need to choose at all! We’ve combined four massage modalities into one signature 50-minute treatment. You’ll get to enjoy the relaxing benefits of classic Swedish, the soothing warmth of Hot Lava Rock, exotic Bamboo and foot Reflexology. Don’t worry if you think the stones may be too hot. Your therapist will cool them down in a bowl of cold water to an appropriate temperature before using them on your skin. Our Signature Sampler is an exceptional value. It saves you over $300 versus trying each massage individually. Plus you’re sure to pick a favorite!

    Guest feedback: The Massage Sampler is amazing! My favorite part: hot rocks are so relaxing, and I love the cooling sensation of the bamboo. I felt very energized after….Natalie Nudo, Fort Lauderdale

    ~ Fifty minutes $135 –
    Enhance your pampering experience by including our triple-action Pineapple Enzyme Back Exfoliation. Our handmade mixture includes naturally-occuring enzyme to “digest” dead skin cells and jojoba beads, which is applied with a dry brush, providing maximum dead skin removal. Your skin will be left its softest! The mixture is allowed to sit for a few minutes while your therapist continues the massage. Removed with heated towels. Popular with ladies and gentlemen. Safe for sensitive skin. Only $15 more.

  • Lava Hot Rock Massage

    A calming combination of therapeutic and Swedish along with volcanic hot rocks are utilized to massage your muscles. The aromatic liniments combined with the warmth of the stones melt away the tightness held in your muscles and fascia. You become deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.
    Fifty minutes – $110
    Eighty minutes – $135
    One hundred and ten minutes – $220

  • Aromatic Swedish Massage

    This traditional massage incorporates relaxing aromatherapy using our signature blend of essential oils. The light to medium pressure of the Swedish will ease tired, aching muscles while improving circulation and promoting healing as it eliminates stress. From head to toe, your body will experience total rejuvenation!
    Twenty five minutes – $50
    Forty minutes – $65
    Fifty minutes – $85
    Eighty minutes – $125
    One-hundred and Ten minutes- $170

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    This deep pressure massage is ideal for days when you need an extra-firm healing touch. The more intense pressure chases away all of your tension spots, going deeper into your muscle tissue than the Signature Swedish massage. More then a relaxation treat, the “deep” is recommended to loosen muscles, release toxins and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.
    Twenty five minutes – $60
    Forty minutes – $75
    Fifty minutes – $95
    Eighty minutes – $135
    One-hundred and Ten minutes- $190

  • Couples Massage

    fort-lauderdale-couples-massageYou will both begin with a soak in our oxygenated Jacuzzi bath, then be accompanied to your private couples massage room where you will find soft music, and candlelight. The couples massage is a wonderful way to both breathe, relax and let go together.

    Priced per person based on massage modality choices
    Durations available:
    Forty minutes (ie both Swedish…$130/couple, both Deep Tissue…$150/couple)
    Fifty minutes (ie both Swedish…$170/couple, both Deep Tissue…$190/couple)
    Eighty minutes (ie both Swedish…$250/couple, both Deep Tissue…$270/couple)
    One-hundred ten minutes (ie both Swedish…$340/couple, both Deep Tissue…$360/couple)

  • Therapeutic or Neuromuscular Massage

    The Therapeutic & Neuromuscular technique is primarily used for individuals with acute muscle spasm and injury. This advanced technique is used as a form of correctional bodywork, and usually concentrates on a specific area rather than an overall full body treatment.
    Our spa therapists are trained and experienced in many techniques for work related injuries, auto accidents and sports, from general to very acute conditions. Depending on your needs, your therapist may suggest several sessions, as well as a therapeutic exercise program for best recovery.
    Neuromuscular Therapy may also be incorporated into a lengthier full body massage combining other modalities. A minimum of one hour is recommended for best results.
    Fifty minutes – $95
    Eighty minutes – $145
    One-hundred and ten minutes – $190

  • Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

    Your session will begin with a placement of hot volcanic stones along your back on pressure points on either side of the spine, along the torso on the chakra energy centers, and in between your toes. Your therapist will then begin with a warm aromatic massage oil, warming up the body, and massaging the muscles with the therapeutic hot stones. As your muscles are worked your body begins to melt into total relaxation, and your mind clears and rejuvenates- a feeling of blissful euphoria transforming your entire being.
    Eighty minutes – $150

  • Pregnancy Massage

    A wonderful and relaxing massage is a great way to pamper our expecting mothers. Special pre-natal and post-natal techniques can help the experience of your birthing process be much less stressful. Check with your doctor, not recommended during the first trimester.
    Fifty minutes – $95

  • Sports Massage

    Addressing injuries and conditions that result from over exertion and exercise. Strengthens the muscles, relieves fatigue, muscle and joint pain, lactic acid build up, sprains, strains and increases flexibility and endurance for athletic competition.
    Fifty minutes – $95
    One Hundred and ten minutes – $190

  • Four-Handed Swedish Massage

    fort-lauderdale-massage-four-handedThis therapeutic session is truly unique, offered by two advanced massage therapists working simultaneously to create a rhythmic dance of four hands working into the muscle tissues, melting away stress and tension. The four handed massage is the most invigorating massage dually focusing on the entire body to eliminate fatigue.
    Fifty minutes $170

  • Zen Zwe

    fort-lauderdale-massage-zen-zweDeeply inducing relaxation, a combination of Thai stretching, Thai / Acupressure, Myofacia & Swedish massage on the table. Melting the tensions away with an aromatherapy pressure point facial massage and foot reflexology.
    Eighty minutes – $170

  • Thai Massage

    fort-lauderdale-thai-massageThis is a powerful healing technique dating back 2,500 years to the time of the Buddha. Thai Massage utilizes yoga stretching, acupressure, and meditating techniques which intensify the healing process. It relaxes the muscles, loosens the joints, opens the channels and balances the internal energy. It also stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage, and toxin release from the body. This unique treatment, experienced on a soft floor mat while fully clothed, will leave you invigorated and balanced.
    Fifty minutes – $100
    Eighty minutes – $150
    One Hundred and ten minutes – $200

  • Myofascial Massage - Structural Integration

    fort-lauderdale-myofascial-massageFocusing on the Fascia, the outer tissue of the muscle, this massage is based on the technique ‘Rolfing’ created by Ida Rolf. Myofascial is an advanced treatment focusing on re-aligning the structural body. Helps to eliminate pain, assists in rapid recovery of injury, promotes muscle growth, strengthens postural alignment. Myofascial is the most effective massage to relax and loosen muscles, relieve tension, increase flexibility and range of motion immediately and with long lasting results.
    Eighty minutes – $150

  • Yoga Nidra Massage

    Life altering techniques of The Power of “Now”, and “The Secret” combined in a meditation massage experience. Focus is on the release of stress and tension in your life, and setting an intention for your ultimate outcome. Deep rythmatic aromatherapy massage relaxes your body as your mind is soothed with calming meditative suggestions. Energetic Body work and breathing techniques allow you to stay present, dropping out of thinking and into feeling. Erasing karmic patterns and emotional blocks in the body where tension was held. The outcome is a peaceful feeling and a sence of freedom allowing you to reclaim your power.
    Fifty minutes – $125
    Eighty minutes – $187

  • Acupressure & Shiatzu

    fort-lauderdale-shiatzu-massageTwo ancient Oriental treatments based on the study of Acupuncture. The therapist applies pressure to the acupuncture points along the meridians/channels (energy pathways) of the body to restore the flow of energy and promote healing. A very rejuvenating experience! Pressure can vary from medium to deep For optimum results, we recommend scheduling at least one hour and thirty minutes to two hours.
    Fifty minutes – $125
    Eighty minutes – $187
    One Hundred and ten minutes – $200

  • Liquid Acupuncture

    fort-lauderdale-massage-liquid-acupunctureWritten up as “Top 10 Best Treatments” in the country by Spa Finders Magazine.
    A Diamante’ signature acupressure treatment, combined with the art of aromatherapy. Essential Oils are administered to help address specific conditions emotionally and physically. May also relieve symptoms of colds, flu, pms, chronic fatigue, ms, fibromyalgia, indigestion, constipation, congestion, inflammation, spinal misalignment, candida, epstein bar, etc. This session rapidly intensifies the healing process.
    Fifty minutes – $125
    Eighty minutes – $185
    One hundred and ten minutes – $250

  • Reflexology

    fort-lauderdale-reflexologyPressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet and hands which correspond to organ systems of the body, aiding in the release of blocked energy, allowing the energy to flow freely and promoting healing. Our reflexologists are trained to find blockages that show up in the reflex points, to assist your body in removing the waste crystallization deposits, promoting better health and balance.
    Twenty five minutes – $55
    Fifty minutes – $100

  • Bamboo Fusion Massage

    bamboo massage fort lauderdaleWarm bamboo work the muscles releasing deep tensions with hot bamboo teak oils.
    Combining pressure point, massage and bamboo manipulation for ultimate relaxation.
    This exotic massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being for longer lasting results.
    Allow 75 minutes $150

  • CTM ~ Connective Tissue Medical Massage

    fort-lauderdale-medical-massageA very deep pressure structural realignment massage. Works to restore length, improving range and flexibility throughout the muscular system. Increases vitality, eases discomforts bringing greater health with longer lasting results. Incorporates essential oils for longer lasting results.
    Cheri Negrotto LMT is a certified CTM, Lymphatic Drainage and Thai Massage Therapist
    Allow Eighty Minutes $150


Skin Care


    Unique & Special Services

    • Vedic Thai ~Yoga Bodywork~ aka Assisted Yoga

      ft lauderdale thai yoga massageNuad Borarn (Vedic Thai Bodywork-Assisted Yoga) is viewed as a martial art of healing and is reported to manifest instant positive results. In Thailand, Bodywork is utilized medicinally as a cherished and revered indulgence to remedy the prominent social ailments such as emotional stress and physical inertia. Thai-Yoga sessions inspire the soul and tranquilize the body.
      Customarily, a Thai-Yoga session lasts about 2 hours, during which there is a surrendering release which allows deeper and deeper physical and mental ‘openings’. Flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers are blended with exotic stretching positions known as asanas and disciplined breath control known as pranayama, effectively producing a balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication integrating the body’s vital systems, including mechanical- musculoskeletal, electrical-neural, chemical-glandular.
      “Vedic Thai Massage – Assisted Yoga is love. It is a sacred offering, a conscious contribution to self-realization and soul revelation, the goal and purpose of life. With deliberate and skillful intentions of joyful communication, Thai-Yoga produces profound pleasure and inspiring tranquility physically and psychologically by replacing old, restricted energy patterns within the body/spirit. Socially revered as a medical folk art, it is commonly reported to revitalize and balance cerebral (emotional) and somatic (physical) ailments instantly. This dignified and communally-cherished art parallels in sophistication results obtained by other modern medical options. Aesthetically pleasing and highly recommended, Thai-Yoga bodywork enhances the quality of living by opening congested chakras (dormant reservoirs of bio-spiritual power) and clearing nadis (electro-magnetic meridian pathways), Nuad Borarn is one of the Original Matriarchs of healing. Its distinction is true in its value of producing dynamic well-being and serenity.” -Michael Buck
      One hundred minutes – $250
      – with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.

    • Vedic Thai~Hara Shiatzu & More

      ft lauderdale hara shiatzu~ Yoga Nidra Meditation, Breathwork & Vedic Thai~Hara Shiatzu ~
      Peacefully drop out of your busy mind into deep profound relaxation while eliminating unwanted stresses, tensions and negative thinking. Focussing on an intention for the session, you will be giided to breath, let go and drop deep into a blissful emotional state with deep relaxing pressure point hara bodywork following a guided mediation. To awake feeling re birthed, renewed with a restored sense of energy.
      Fifty minutes – $125
      – with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.

    • Reiki

      ft lauderdale reikiJapanese for “Universal Energy.” A light touch method of healing, channeling energy to promote internal healing. Promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Experience amazing results, especially when combined with Chakra Balancing. Can be administered with light touch or no touch for those who may not enjoy hands on massage. And can be added to any other facial or body treatment. Reiki is offered by certified Reiki practitioners, and Reiki master Darlene Diamante’.
      Fifty minutes – $125
      – with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.

    • Alpha infinity / Chakra Balancing

      ft lauderdale reikiBalancing the seven main energy centers, (the body’s circuit centers) with meditation, visualization and color therapy. Incorporating our powerful high-frequency Aromatherapy /Essential Oils, Reiki, and the Seven Tibetan Chakra Tuning Bowls, (quartz crystal healing bowls). Chakra tuning instruments are also applied directly on the Chakra centers to open and clear these energy centers through vibration sound therapy. Tibetan “Vita Flex” foot reflexology is also administered. A truly unique, intuitive and progressive Signature Therapy session. Promotes clarity, balance, harmony, and empowerment.
      One hundred minutes – $250
      – with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.

    • Signature "Infinity" Treatment

      ft lauderdale massageThe absolute experience of “Bliss” and integration. Intuitive and energetic advanced therapeutic body work; neuromuscular, Thai, acupressure, Tibetan reflexology. Combined with the Alpha Infinity experience (listed above). Focuses on the intent of the recipient and intensifies the alpha experience by assisting the physical body to release blockages, negative emotions, stress and fatigue. Darlene Diamanté’s Signature three hour Transformational Journey Infinity is balancing to the mind, body and spirit.
      One hundred and fifty minutes – $375
      – with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.

    • Intuitive Counseling

      ft lauderdale counselingTara Darlene Diamanté, L.M.T., R.M., I.C.A., (dipl) is an ordained minister and spiritual consultant/ coach. An alternative to traditional counseling, Diamante` offers spiritual, holistic, lifestyle and intuitive insight. As where western psychology techniques keep re-enforcing old patterns and do not address physical emotional blockages stored in the body.
      Sessions vary for individuals needs and may include evaluation & consultation, meditation & visualization, breath work, sound therapy, hands on energy and/or bodywork, bach flower remedies and clinical aromatherapy. Telephone sessions are also available.
      Fifty minutes – $150
      One hundred minutes – $300
      Phone Consultation, Absentee Healing, Coaching & Meditation – per hour $175

    • Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy

      ft lauderdale raindrop therapyThe application of several high-frequency Aromatherapy oil blends, using acupressure and Tibetan Vita Flex Reflexology, Massage and Energy Balancing. Raindrop Therapy is a simple application of dropping the oils like little tiny drops of rain along the spine to bring structural and electrical alignment. It ‘s relaxing application is designed to bring balance to the body. Aligns and clears the energy centers of the body without using force or excessive pressure. Detoxifying and eliminating bacteria, virus and toxic residue dormant in the spine. When we combine the electrical frequencies and the intelligence of the body and the oils, a greater healing process begins! Note: the oils will continue to work on the body for about five to seven days after the treatment with continued realignment taking place during this time! An excellent treatment session when experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu.
      One hundred minutes – $187

    • Hara Shiaztu and Chakra Balancing

      ft lauderdale hara shiatzuThe hara is where we hold most of the cellular memory and past traumas in the body. This Bodywork session works with compression and breathing techniques to release fear, anger, guilt, abandonment/ rejection, sadness/ sorrow, relationship and other crisis issues. Aromatherapy helps to activate these trigger centers, and the chakras are aligned and balanced. The chakras are like your bodies battery packs. The focus is to recharge your batteries and align the energy so that you may experience optimal balance and a renewed sense of peace & euphoria.
      Seventy five minutes – $187

    • Tibetan Reflexology & Chakra Balancing

      ft lauderdale tibetan reflexologyThe oldest and most advanced method of reflexology. Vita flex means vitality through reflex. It is a complete system of controls that release the ultimate healing power within the human body. Vibrational healing through the neuro-electrical pathways. The healing energy is released through the electrical impulses by contact, (with a very specific application) between the finger tips and the reflex points, combining the electrical frequencies of high vibrational essential oils and that of the person receiving the application creates rapid results. Balances the electrical magnetic energies of the body and the chakra system. The chakras are like your bodies battery packs. The focus is to recharge your batteries and align the energy so that you may experience optimal balance and a renewed sense of euphoria.
      Seventy five minutes – $187

    • Zero Balancing Inner Alignment

      A heavenly experience of feeling totally balanced. Based on the theory of Zero Balancing, it aligns your body with your physical structure. The process is a form of touch known as “Interface,” a gentle and non-invasive technique. One may experience an expanded awareness, the melting away of tension, a peaceful, blissful and positive state of mind. The perfect solution for those who feel depressed, exhausted, angry, moody or off balance. Written up in Cosmopolitan magazine as an experience of feeling “centered, grounded and profoundly relaxed… floating.”
      Fifty minutes – $150

    • Egyptian emotional clearing

      The ancient Egyptians used Aromatherapy/Essential oils in their healing ceremonies and rituals; referred to as “cleansing the flesh and blood of evil deities”, What we would now consider to be releasing negative emotions, bad attitude, and memory trauma from the physical body. Also clearing past life or ancestral karma. Dating back to 4500 B.C, this ancient Egyptian ritual took several days to complete. Diamante` has personally worked with many individuals using this and other emotional release techniques, and has witnessed life altering changes and freedom from emotional challenges through this process! A very relaxing meditative session combining numerous techniques during the application process. Creates a feeling of balance, spiritual connection and empowerment, clearing the DNA., which allows you to experience freedom from emotional bondage, replacing it with love, happiness and joy!
      One hundred and fifty minutes – $375
      – with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.

    • Deep Emotional Release - Shamanic Bodywork

      Deep compression and sound techniques are implemented to assist one to release “specific negative emotions” from the physical body, clearing negativity from the DNA, the conscious and sub-conscious mind enabling one to live a stress free and more fulfilling life. Memory of past experiences are stored in the cellular body/ emotional centers in the hara (abdomen), and chakras. Old negative memories are replaced with a sense of peace and acceptance, letting go of past traumas.
      A feeling of being transpired and renewed takes place. This release may also strengthen the immune function. This treatment can be an intense process and preparation is usually required prior to scheduling a session. Wear lose work out style clothing.
      One hundred minutes – $375
      – with Tara $375 per 100 minutes

    • Craniosacral Therapy

      day-spa-service-cranial-sacralA very light touch osteopathic technique, CST is used to locate and solve problems. It encourages the patients natural mechanism to improve the functioning of the brain and spinal cord, dissipates the negative effects of stress, enhances general health, and resistance to disease. Energetically aligns structural imbalances, alleviating migraine headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress, pms, tmj, allergies, etc. Focus is on head, neck, spine, sacrum and facial structure.
      Fifty minutes – $125

    • Clinical Aromatherapy • Lymphatic Drainage

      Stimulating and enhancing the transportation of cellular waste matter through the lymphatic system, aiding toxin removal, decreasing swelling, fluid retention, and cellulitis. It also relieves tension, fatigue, migraines, pre-menstrual syndrome, allergies and many other conditions. Selected medicinal grade “A” aromatherapy oils are chosen for each individual’s needs: detoxification — relaxation — stimulation.
      Also includes Tibetan Reflexology
      Seventy five minutes – $187

    • CTM ~ Connective Tissue Medical Massage

      fort-lauderdale-medical-massageA very deep pressure structural realignment massage. Works to restore length, improving range and flexibility throughout the muscular system. Increases vitality, eases discomforts bringing greater health with longer lasting results. Incorporates essential oils for longer lasting results.
      Cheri Negrotto LMT is a certified CTM, Lymphatic Drainage and Thai Massage Therapist
      Allow Eighty Minutes $150

    • Feng Shui

      From the moment you enter the aromatic chambers of Diamanté’s healing oasis, a sense of freedom, peace and well being begins to transform you. The rejuvenating aromas permeate your senses. Therapeutic sounds of water fountains and wind chimes send you drifting. A soothing ambiance of decor and color speak of warmth. The harmony and balance of being present within our atmosphere has begun to melt away the stress, even before we’ve had the chance to lay a finger on you! And would you wonder why?
      It’s called Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, the Chinese art of placement with the eastern philosophy of the five element theory, creating balance, harmony, and prosperity in ourselves and our environment! Feng Shui enhances prosperity, improves relationships and develops optimum balance in all aspects of your life. Ms.Diamante’ offers an intuitive approach to aligning the energies of your space and finding life changing solutions. Utilizing the Black Hat (Western approach) & Compass (Tradtional Eastern Method).
      Feng Shui consultations are available for your home and office offered exclusively by Tara Darlene Diamante`.
      3 Hour minimum starting at $475
      Per hour after $175
      Phone Consultation per hour $175.



    Ft Lauderdale Make-upKnown as The Skin Care Makeup, the Jane Iredale line is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recomended by Plastic Surgeons and Dermotologists throughout the world. It combines the most up to date colors with skin care benefits that conventional makeups can only envy. The state of the art minerals are available in so many shades that there’s one for every complexion, no matter what the ethnicity.
    Other benefits include:
    Non-comedogenic, will not block pores
    All products have been sensitivity tested.
    Virtually no allergy risk. All products have been sensitivity tested.
    Anti-inflammatory, helps calm and soothe irritated skin.
    Contains no talc or parabens
    Composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria
    Environmentally aware
    Diamanté is proud to offer complimentary Jane Iredale makeup consultations.
    Jane Iredale Mineral Make-over $65
    Jane Iredale Specials Occasion Make-over $95
    Airbrush Make-over $95
    On location Make-up Artistry $150
    On location Special Event or Wedding Hair & Make-up Combination $250<

    Eye-Lash Extensions

    Fort Lauderdale Eye Lash ExtensionsWake up Beautiful with Lush & Lovely Lashes!
    Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions is a revolutionary product that will provide you with longer, thicker, luscious and natural looking eyelashes. Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are nottraditional false eyelashes. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes applied ONE by ONE directly to your individual eyelashes by an Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions Stylist for a NATURAL look and feel. With routine touchups every 2 to 4 weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely.
    Xtreme Lash Applications
    Mini $200
    Lush $300
    Xtreme $400 & up
    Color add $30 & up
    Crystals add $30 & up
    Lash Removal $35
    Eye Make-up Removal add $25
    Lash Fills / upkeep $125 per hour
    If more than 50% of your lashes have shed, we will recommend a fresh set.
    Temporary Lash Extensions
    Cluster Lash Application – $65
    Flare Clusters – $45 (lasts up to 2 weeks)
    Strip lashes & application – $34 (one night)

    Waxing Services

    fort lauderdale waxingPoetic Australian “Bliss” gentle Waxing System is only the best quality sensitive wax to ensure your comfort. All waxing services are complemented with a healing oil to nurture sensitive skin. Prices reflect an average charge and may vary depending on the amount of removal. An additional charge will be applied for trimming.
    Full Leg $65
    Half Leg $45
    Underarm $25
    Forearm $35
    Simple Bikini $30
    Shaped Bikini $45
    Brazilian Bikini $75
    Buttocks $30-60
    Full Back $75-95
    Partial Back $40
    Full Face $25-35
    Lip $12
    Chin $15
    Basic Brow $18
    Brow Sculpt $25
    Eye Lash Tinting $25
    Eye Brow Tinting $25
    Super Sculpt Beautiful Brows $45 (includes trimming, detailing, temple and brow wax)

    Spray Tanning

    img_vanit_airbrushStay Tan all year round with Organic AirBrush Tanning!
    A revolutionary new tanning system that we are thrilled to extend open invitation to experience ~ Better than traditional Spray Tanning with no offensive odor.
    Liquid Sun bronzing mist
    Natural & Organic
    Petro-Chemical Free
    Skin Firming
    Rich Bronze Color
    Contour Muscles
    Slender & Sleeker Body
    Prevention is key
    Excess sun exposure and tanning beds produce dangerous and negative side effects.
    Premature aging
    Loss of elasticity
    Sun spots /age spots, hyper-pigmentation & vitiligo
    Dehydration & dryness
    Skin cancer
    Begin making the change for better skin and better health through a proper skin care regime and an all natural and organic spray tanning system.
    Beautiful Color & Contouring Effect
    You can achieve the beautiful, vibrant, bronzy goddess look with an even skin tone, while lessening the visibility of sun spots.
    Not just for the ladies… Guys you’ll love this too!
    Longer Lasting & Better Tan
    We first recommend an exfoliating body polish to eliminate the dead skin cells and to allow for the solution to penetrate newer skin layers ensuring a longer lasting experience!
    Choose from one our most fabulous signature rain room exfoliating treatments such as our famed “Thai warm Coconut milk” or “Cocoa Berry Bliss” amongst others. Or a mini rain room experience offering an “Express Polish” if your not wanting to fully indulge in an outer body polishing experience. Click here for more “Body Esthetics” info.
    For Your face, a “Organic Zen Harmony Facial” with a Luscious berry peel or add a deeper ionic acid peel. Or a “Fountain of Youth” beyond ‘microdermabrasian’ deep electro- current micro-derm. Then spray away!!!
    Organic AirBrush Tanning
    Single Session: $59
    Pre-Purchase 6 for $235 ($39 each)
    or 10 for $300 ($30 each)
    Contouring Session
    Single Session: $69
    Pre-Purchase 6 for $295 ($49 each)
    or 10 for $400 ($40 each)
    Prices may vary