Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Feng Shui

From the moment you enter the aromatic chambers of Diamant√©’s healing oasis, a sense of freedom, peace and well being begins to transform you. The rejuvenating aromas permeate your senses. Therapeutic sounds of water fountains and wind chimes send you drifting. A soothing ambiance of decor and color speak of warmth. The harmony and balance of being present within our atmosphere has begun to melt away the stress, even before we’ve had the chance to lay a finger on you! And would you wonder why?
It’s called Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, the Chinese art of placement with the eastern philosophy of the five element theory, creating balance, harmony, and prosperity in ourselves and our environment! Feng Shui enhances prosperity, improves relationships and develops optimum balance in all aspects of your life. Ms.Diamante’ offers an intuitive approach to aligning the energies of your space and finding life changing solutions. Utilizing the Black Hat (Western approach) & Compass (Tradtional Eastern Method).
Feng Shui consultations are available for your home and office offered exclusively by Tara Darlene Diamante`.
3 Hour minimum starting at $475
Per hour after $175
Phone Consultation per hour $175.