Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy

ft lauderdale raindrop therapyThe application of several high-frequency Aromatherapy oil blends, using acupressure and Tibetan Vita Flex Reflexology, Massage and Energy Balancing. Raindrop Therapy is a simple application of dropping the oils like little tiny drops of rain along the spine to bring structural and electrical alignment. It ‘s relaxing application is designed to bring balance to the body. Aligns and clears the energy centers of the body without using force or excessive pressure. Detoxifying and eliminating bacteria, virus and toxic residue dormant in the spine. When we combine the electrical frequencies and the intelligence of the body and the oils, a greater healing process begins! Note: the oils will continue to work on the body for about five to seven days after the treatment with continued realignment taking place during this time! An excellent treatment session when experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu.
One hundred minutes – $187