Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Egyptian emotional clearing

The ancient Egyptians used Aromatherapy/Essential oils in their healing ceremonies and rituals; referred to as “cleansing the flesh and blood of evil deities”, What we would now consider to be releasing negative emotions, bad attitude, and memory trauma from the physical body. Also clearing past life or ancestral karma. Dating back to 4500 B.C, this ancient Egyptian ritual took several days to complete. Diamante` has personally worked with many individuals using this and other emotional release techniques, and has witnessed life altering changes and freedom from emotional challenges through this process! A very relaxing meditative session combining numerous techniques during the application process. Creates a feeling of balance, spiritual connection and empowerment, clearing the DNA., which allows you to experience freedom from emotional bondage, replacing it with love, happiness and joy!
One hundred and fifty minutes – $375
– with Tara $150 per 50 minutes.