Spa 66-Fort Lauderdale

Couples Massage

fort-lauderdale-couples-massageYou will both begin with a soak in our oxygenated Jacuzzi bath, then be accompanied to your private couples massage room where you will find soft music, and candlelight. The couples massage is a wonderful way to both breathe, relax and let go together.

Priced per person based on massage modality choices
Durations available:
Forty minutes (ie both Swedish…$130/couple, both Deep Tissue…$150/couple)
Fifty minutes (ie both Swedish…$170/couple, both Deep Tissue…$190/couple)
Eighty minutes (ie both Swedish…$250/couple, both Deep Tissue…$270/couple)
One-hundred ten minutes (ie both Swedish…$340/couple, both Deep Tissue…$360/couple)